We are a dealer for HYPRO Grapple Saws!   These are the grapple saws that we use on our cranes for safe tree removal!  We are the first in the United States to use this HYPRO attachment for crane tree removal, but HYPRO was the first in the WORLD to develop a small, lightweight grapple saw, so they have been able to get it right!

With over 15 years of development,  HYPRO has created one of the most lightweight, durable, and dependable packages in the world.   There are many advantages that keep this product unique….

  • No chain saw oil canister!  Keeps the unit lightweight and low maintenance, the unit slowly adds hydraulic oil to the bar chain.   Rather than purchase and waste chainsaw bar oil, you simply add hydraulic oil to your main crane tank, keeping the overall quality of your hydraulic oil in your crane very clean!
  • Did I mention it’s lightweight?   372.5 pounds!!   This is important!!  Less weight on the crane is safer, prolongs life of the crane, and allows larger cuts!
  • The base version of this saw is operated by hydraulics only!  (no electronics).   This is another reason the unit is so durable!!… With only 1 circuit, you can control grapple open, close, tilt angle, and hydraulic saw activation, and all of theses functions are completely variable… giving you complete control.   For tree trimming, we have elected to get the HYPRO FG45fa, plus an option which includes an electronic solenoid that locks tilt angle and offers even more control…  We can add a battery box and radio receiver to the grapple saw which will continue to hold the tilt angle through and after the saw cut.  Not everyone will need this option, but we recommend it for very long reach cranes and tree trimming.
  • Another advantage of this unit is the powerful motor which uses a case drain.   If you do any research on hydraulic motors, you will learn that motors without case drains will eventually have seals that break leaving you stranded to rebuild your motor.  Hypro realized the crazy amounts of variable pressures that can be created uncontrollably  and abuse that these motors see on cranes, and realized that a motor with a case drain is best way to have a long lasting, dependable unit.

We ship the HYPRO Felling grapple directly from Sweden where it is set to the customer’s specification.   If a rotator is required, they will happily add that to the unit preassembled before shipping.

Call today to learn more and order yours!

More information can be found on the HYPRO Website here:  HYPRO FELLING GRAPPLE

This video shows the features up close of our HYPRO Grapple Saw and the modifications we have made…

This video shows how the HYPRO grapple saw will “self adjust” to the correct angle as the  claw clenches a limb and the felling begins.  This action allows the crane to hold the unit without a torque against the limb during cutting.   The unit is locked with an electronic solenoid to ensure the angle remains constant, allowing complete control…